Macsense Connectivity is a leader in the manufacture and distribution of cutting-edge Macintosh products.  A subsidiary of Xsense Technology Inc., Macsense Connectivity provides premier peripherals to resellers and distributors at affordable prices.

Macsense Connectivity has been meeting and exceeding the expectations of its resellers and distribution partners through its dedicated efforts to provide quality products and reliable service - and we never stop looking toward the future.

We have devoted considerable resources to the growing PC peripherals market and to the dynamic networking market, and we believe it is this devotion that has allowed us to stay ahead of the wave of technological changes sweeping over the computer industry.  Through our aggressive approach to research and development, Macsense has come up with an innovative line of products designed to help small to mid-sized businesses achieve optimal Internet/Intranet growth.  And by developing a line of products that spans the broad technological spectrum, Macsense has provided a framework in which our resellers and distributors can develop their own individual market niches.

As a global supplier of networking products and peripherals, Macsense is able to use economies of scale to offer consistently low prices that, in turn, enable us to develop long-term business relationships with our resellers and distributors. Rely on Macsense Connectivity to provide the forward-thinking products that will give your company the competitive edge.

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