iPARROTT MULTIMEDIA HEADSET 10-3                                             

Quality voice recognition hardware for the Macintosh is here! Macsense has teamed up with voice recognition leader, VXI, to provide a new line of headsets that will change the way you interact with your computer.

The most affordable unit in the new line of iParrott headsets is the iParrott 10-3. Users can connect the iParrott 10-3 to a home computer to perform various multi-media applications, such as online chatting and Internet gaming. Users will soon be able to draft email messages or compose large documents without ever touching the keyboard! (Several software companies are currently developing dictation programs scheduled for release in January 2000.)

The Best Headset Around?
The iParrott 10-3 uses cutting-edge technology to provide the clearest voice recognition system currently available to Mac users at an affordable price. With its high-quality electret microphone and superior noise- canceling technology, the iParrott offers vocal distortion rates that are five times lower than competing headsets. This means speech comes across loud and clear.

The iParrott's ratcheted headband adjusts to provide a comfortable fit, and a flexible microphone boom lets users position the microphone in the most optimal location. The lexan plastic headset is durable without compromising the headset's attractive look and feel.  

Award Winning Voice Translation
The iParrott 10-3 features Parrott Translator technology, which received CTI magazine's "Product of the Year Award" in 1998. This special translator box resolves compatibility issues by optimizing the configurations of a computer's sound card and voltage bias in order to provide the clearest and most efficient voice reception and recognition.

Easy to Use
The iParrott 10-3 speech recognition headset works with all Apple Macintosh sound I/O ports. With its Plug and Play functionality, the iParrott 10-3 can easily be added to any home or business environment.

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  • Flexible positioning memory gooseneck boom

  • Noise canceling microphone

  • Parrott Translator technology

  • Ratchet headband

  • Accurate microphone adjustment - to either side of the head

  • Momentary mute

  • Dynamic receiver

  • Durable lexan plastic

  • Plug and Play

  • MacOS Speech and IBM via Voice compatible

  • iParrott Translator -- Factory-adjusted current mirror provides large microphone signal swing without distortion. High pass and low pass components assure flat voice frequency response.

Model iP 10-3
Microphone Noise canceling electret with embedded 
low distortion frequency shaping
Signal-To-Noise Ratio greater than 50 dB
Ambient Noise Suppression 13 dB @ 1 kHz, typical
Output impedance

1.8 kOhms typical


-50 dB @ 1 kHz (defined 1" from talk-side, 82 dB SPL)

Frequency response 100 Hz to 6.3 kHz, optimized for voice
Operating Current 300 ľA max
Operating Voltage 1.0 V DC min to 20 V DC max
"Flash" Mute Momentary switch closure to ground
Speaker Dynamic; 36 mm diameter
SPL 90 db @ 1 kHz, 0.22 V input
Impedance 32 Ohms
Frequency response 100 Hz to 6.3 kHz
Rated input power 10 mW continuous, 100 mW peak
Cables Spiral shielded construction with polyethelene insulation and PVC jacket
  • Mic: Apple special 3.5 mm plug which is fully compatible with the Plaintalk audio port used on recent Macintosh models
  • Speaker: 3.5 mm stereo plug wired with right on ring, left on tip and ground on sleeve
Microphone boom Flexible wound construction and polyolefin jacket, with positioning compliance; swivels 270°
Mounting Left or right ear placement
Headband Lexan plastic and #316 stainless steel ratchet positioning