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The Apple AUI series of transceivers offers the most affordable way to connect your Macintosh desktop computer or Apple printer to an Ethernet network.

If your Mac has an AAUI connection, the M2, MT, and C models are by far the simplest ways to get networked.  You won't have to crack open the back of your computer to install a network interface card -- just use your computer's pre-installed Apple Ethernet Software by plugging a LeeNet Transceiver into the back of your computer or printer.

Plug-N-Play auto-configuration means you won't have to reconfigure software because our transceivers take care of the dirty work.  Each unit has a built-in LED indicating the unit's power status and the integrity of the connection.

Each LeeNet Transceiver comes with a different set of ports (either BNC or RJ-45).  The M2 has a port for 10Base-2 coaxial cable; the MT can be connected to a 10Base-T (twisted pair cabling); or you can obtain the flexibility of both types with the LeeNet-C model.

  LeeNet-C LeeNet-M2 LeeNet-MT

Complies with Mac standards working voltage


Apple AUI to RJ-45 & BNC

Apple AUI to BNC (10BASE-2)

Apple AUI to RJ-45 (10BASE-T)

LED indicators




Emissions safety

IEEE 802.3