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What should I do next if I already have a PPP  connection and already configured TCP/IP on my computer for AOL?

Reference ID: MIH00A0007
Modified on: 2000/08/09

Product Area: Internet Sharing Device
Model: MIH-105 PalmRouter


The following explains the configuration of AOL 4.0.   Other versions are similar and can also be used.

  1. Launch AOL.
  2. When the Sign On screen appears, click on the SETUP button.

  1. AOL Setup should now appear as below.

  1. Select Add or change a modem or other connection device.

  2. Then click on Next.

  3. If TCP/IP is already configured on your machine, AOL Setup will detect the proper TCP/IP connection and allow AOL to use TCP/IP as the connection type.

  1. Make sure that Use TCP/IP to connect is selected in AOL setup screen as figure above.

  2. Click Next.  This will bring you back to the Sign On screen. 

  3. Select ISP/LAN Connection.  Then Sign On!

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