MacOS 8.5 Incompatibilities
                           and Work Around
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If you have recently upgraded to System 8.5 on your Macintosh computer, you will be unable to load the Macsense Ethernet network card driver correctly.  There is a compatibility problem with the new Apple Ethernet driver.  The problem is that the user cannot select the appropriate Ethernet Slot-X driver in the AppleTalk Control Panel. The only driver available is the default driver, Built-in Ethernet.

Apple has designed their driver to work with 10BASE-T PCI cards, which are based on the DEC chip.  This means that the Apple driver will load instead of our Ethernet network card driver.  Consequently, the Ethernet network card ends up being configured in the wrong mode. Apple has acknowledged the problem and says the bug will be removed from future generations of MacOS.

Fortunately, this phenomenon only affects PCI and PC Card versions of Power Macintosh and not all Macs. However, if you own one of these computers and have encountered this problem, you can remedy the situation by following the procedures listed below.

Software Modification

Solution 1:

  • Go to the extensions manager
  • Disable the Apple ENet extension
  • Install the driver that came with your network interface card
  • Reboot

Solution 2:

  • Move the Apple ENet extension from the system folder
  • Install the driver that came with your network interface card.
  • Reboot

By applying this procedure your computer will select the driver that comes with your network adapter, and it will configure the driver to the appropriate mode.

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