Product Manuals:
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  • PDF is a file format for Adobe Arcobat Reader. If you do not have Arcobat Reader already, please download from Adobe.
  • If you have Arcobat Reader as browser plug-in on PC, the manual is opened in browser, you can save the PDF file by click "File" on your browser menu, then choose "Save As" to save the file to your choosen location.
Product Model PDF Operating System
FDH-608 / 616 Fast Dual Speed Hub 318K Mac / PC
MIH-108 PalmRouter ELite 568K Mac / PC
MIH-120 XRouter 650K Mac / PC
MIH-130 XRouter Pro 892K Mac / PC
EA-500 Share Talk 180K Mac
UP-200 USB to PCI card 139K Mac / PC
MPC-200 315K Mac
MPC-200 363K PC


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