Macsense Connectivity Inc. Announces
Release of Two New USB Hubs

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (June 14, 1999) – Macsense Connectivity, a supplier of high quality networking products for the home and small office, today announced the release of two USB hubs the company says could change the way users connect peripherals to their USB-equipped systems. The UH-400 and the USB Mini-Hub both offer premium performance, unprecedented flexibility, and efficient designs that make connecting USB devices to USB-equipped computers, such as the iMac, easier than ever before.

"The pattern of convergence in the communications industry appears so pervasive as to have affected even the manner in which we connect devices to our computers, " says Phillip Chang, Vice President of Macsense Connectivity. "The next generation of computers will no longer have separate ports for SCSI, ADB, and Serial. All of this functionality has been channeled into one inexpensive, ubiquitous technology – USB. Now the only thing people really need are a few additional USB ports."

The UH-400 and the USB Mini-Hub both offer four Serial-A downstream ports. Users can connect joysticks, modems, printers, scanners, digital cameras and other accessories to their computer through these four downstream ports. The UH-400’s Serial-B upstream port allows users to uplink the UH-400 to another hub, in effect daisy-chaining a series of hubs. In this manner, users can connect up to 127 devices to the host computer. The USB Mini-Hub offers a single bi-directional Serial-A port that allows information to travel both upstream and downstream while the hub is connected directly to a host computer. Both models are "hot-swappable," meaning users can add devices to the chain without having to turn the computer’s power off.

The UH-400 comes with a power adapter and has been specifically designed to meet the demands of high-power devices such as scanners, printers and other peripherals. With the UH-400’s excess amperage, users will not need to worry about exhausting the available supply of power when they connect more than two devices to the hub.

By contrast, the USB Mini-Hub has been designed with portability in mind. The unit weighs-in at less than three ounces and does not require a power adapter, making it the perfect solution for connecting a series of low-power devices, such as joysticks or mice, to a portable computer while users are on the road.

The official release date for the UH-400 and the USB Mini-Hub is June 21. Macsense says the devices will be sold through major mail order catalogs with a suggested retail price of $49.99 for the UH-400 and $29.99 for the USB Mini-Hub. More information about pricing and availability will be available online at (

About Macsense Connectivity Inc.

Since it was founded in 1997, Macsense Connectivity Inc. has established itself as the low-price leader in supplying networking hardware to the Macintosh community. The company’s line of products includes hubs, switches, Internet sharing devices, network interface cards, USB peripherals and other products designed to make local area networks (LANs) faster, more efficient and more affordable for small-to-medium-sized businesses, corporations, and educational institutions. Macsense products are available to the domestic and international public through mail-order catalogs, value-added resellers, and systems integrators. Macsense is headquartered at 3350 Scott Blvd., Building 2, Santa Clara CA 95054.

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