A Feature Reporter’s Dream - Macsense Connectivity Releases iCatch Mouse Adapter in All Five Fruit Flavors

Ergonomic Devices Now Available in a Variety of Colors to Match New iMacs

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (June 14, 1999) – Is your beloved iMac mouse still giving you hand cramps? If so, Macsense Connectivity, Inc. says it has the cure – and it has them in more flavors than a bowl of Fruit Loops. Macsense announced today the release of the iCatch Mouse Adapter in all of the five fruit flavors used by Apple in its new line of iMac computers: Blueberry, Grape, Tangerine, Strawberry and Lime. Users now have the option of transforming their iMac mice into ergonomically sound peripherals without creating an aesthetically unpleasant color clash.

"We bought one of the Lime iMacs for our home," says Macsense Marketing Director, Corey Happel. "We put one of the older Bondi Blue iCatches on the mouse. But it just didn’t look right. I mean, here was this perfectly good iMac in this stunning, translucent shade of green with this unnatural blue thing hangin’ off of it. It just didn’t look right to me. It was like finding a grape on an apple tree. You know? So now that we’re producing these iCatches in the same colors that Steve Jobs is using over there in Cupertino I think we’ve finally got ourselves a winner."

A winner indeed. Six months have passed since the iCatch was first released at the MacWorld Exposition in San Francisco. Since then the device has received accolades from around the world. Italiamac,, an Italian Web site that specializes in Macintosh products, recently gave the iCatch a five-star review. The product was also voted one of the top five products at the MacWorld Exposition in San Francisco last January.

Happel says the product has provided a huge promotional push for the young company. He attributes the success to the device’s simplicity and effectiveness. "It was a very obvious, very simple solution to a widespread problem. A lot of people were having difficulty with the iMac’s mouse because of its shape. When you’re holding a circular peripheral in your hand, there’s really no distinguishing which end is up and which is down without actually looking at it. You can’t tell just "by feel," so you end up checking the orientation visually every 10 seconds or so. Or, you end up grasping the thing so hard in an effort to maintain the same hand position and orientation that you run the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome." (See Reporter Amy Doan’s article in the San Jose Mercury News for more information on the iMac mouse and her assessment of the risks of developing carpal tunnel syndrome -- 11/24/98).

Happel explains that the iCatch alleviates the orientation and ergonomic problems by emulating the shape and feel of a standard mouse. The elongated form of the device provides greater wrist support, and alleviates orientation problems associated with the original.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the iCatch is the fact that it was conceived by a 4 year-old. Macsense President, Phillip Chang, says the simple idea to place a plastic molding on top of the iMac mouse was inspired by a very young inventor friend of his. "I asked my daughter how she could play computer games for so long because when I would use the iMac mouse to play games, my hand would get tired very quickly." Chang says his daughter pointed out that his hands were too big for the mouse. She suggested that he put something on top of it to make it fit his hand better. Chang took her advice and Bingo! The iCatch was born.

Macsense will be showing the full rainbow of ergonomic wonders at the MacWorld Exposition in New York (booth #134). More information about the new colored iCatches is available online at The devices are available to the general public through most major mail order catalogs. Suggested retail price for the iCatch in the United States is $10.

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