Macsense Announces Strategic Alliance with VXI Corporation to Accelerate Macintosh Voice Recognition Growth

Macintosh Networking Hardware Vendor Teams Up With Voice Recognition Interface Leader to Make VR Peripheral Available to Mac Users

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (July 20, 1999) – Macsense Connectivity, a leader in supplying networking hardware products to the Macintosh community, today announced an agreement in principal with VXI Corporation, an award-winning manufacturer of voice recognition connectivity hardware. The agreement will effectively unify the marketing, engineering, and sales assets of each company toward the end goal of making quality voice recognition hardware and software more widely available to the Macintosh community.

By combining Macsense’s broad sales channel in the Macintosh community with VXI’s strong R&D team and expertise in the area of voice recognition technology, the two companies hope to raise the standards currently accepted by consumers of the burgeoning technology of voice recognition.

"I’m very happy that Macsense has been so fortunate as to have this opportunity to join forces with VXI. We’ve already established ourselves as the most cost-effective supplier of quality networking products to the Macintosh community, but this partnership will allow us to expand the Macsense product line by incorporating a whole new technology into our business model," said Phillip Chang, President of Macsense Connectivity. "Our cooperative efforts should, in turn, result in the widespread availability of high-quality products that will benefit Macintosh users, especially those operating in noisy environments."

Chang points out that the internal microphones in the iMac and PowerBook are positioned almost half-a-meter from the sound source, i.e. the user’s mouth. He said this distance can create problems for the software designed to isolate the user’s voice from the background noise in a room. VXI’s Parrott™ line of voice interface hardware remedies this common problem by positioning an electret microphone just a few centimeters from the user’s mouth and by employing a synergistic mix of advanced noise canceling technologies and plug-and-play computability with the large range of sound card interface parameters.

VXI has won several awards for its voice recognition hardware and studies indicate that the high-quality microphones VXI uses in its headsets, along with a VXI-patented configuration, have yielded a product with a vocal distortion rate that is five times lower than competing headsets.

VXI CEO Richard Hale was equally excited about the day’s agreement. "Cybercommerce and its Internet telephony implications necessitate enhancement of the human-to-computer connection. Voice recognition is rapidly becoming the de facto standard for many applications, and this agreement with Macsense could provide huge benefits for VXI. There are about 50 million people using Macintosh computers. A substantial number of those computers are VR (voice recognition) capable, which means there are a lot of people out there that we feel could benefit enormously from the VXI Parrott™ line of voice interface products. We have agreed to team up with Macsense because we saw in them a company that has garnered a huge following among Apple users in a relatively short period of time. And they’ve managed to do this with high quality products and customer service integrity."

Macsense will be displaying the results of this unique collaboration at the MacWorld Exposition in New York City (July 21-23). Attendants can check out the entire line of Macsense Parrott™ headsets at the show in booth #134.

About VXI Corporation

VXI Corporation is a leading manufacturer of precision headset systems and electronics for low-distortion voice recognition systems in telephone and computer applications. The company has garnered Product of the Year Awards from C@ll Center Solutions Magazine and CTI Magazine. VXI offers a full line of headsets with monaural, binaural, over-the-ear/over-the-head options. VXI’s Parrott™ headsets have been rated the top-performing headsets by Dragon Systems, a leader in voice recognition software. Established in 1989, VXI is headquartered in Rollinsford, NH, with sales offices in Atlanta and Marietta, GA, Chicago, IL, Salt Lake City, UT, and San Jose, CA.

About Macsense Connectivity Inc.

Since it was founded in 1997, Macsense Connectivity Inc. has established itself as the low-price leader in supplying networking hardware to the Macintosh community. The company’s line of products includes hubs, switches, Internet sharing devices, network interface cards, USB peripherals and other products designed to make local area networks (LANs) faster, more efficient and more affordable for small-to-medium-sized businesses, corporations, and educational institutions. Macsense products are available to the domestic and international public through mail order catalogs, value-added resellers, and systems integrators. Macsense is headquartered at 3350 Scott Blvd., Building 2, Santa Clara CA 95054.

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