Xsense XRouter Pro Gets
Highest Rating from PC Magazine

December 19, 2000, Santa Clara, CA -- Xsense Connectivity, Inc., also known as Macsense, is pleased to announce that PC Magazine recently gave the XRouter Pro its highest rating. When compared with two other SOHO routers, PC Magazine First Looks says, "THE XSENSE XROUTER PRO GOT OUR HIGHEST RATING." 

According to Xsense, makers of the XRouter Pro Cable and DSL Internet Sharing Router, the best is getting better. The XRouter Pro has long been the best solution when connecting multiple PCs and Macintosh computers to a network for internet sharing. Now the new XRouter Pro offers Macintosh users a nifty bracket to connect the Airport station to the top of the XRouter Pro router. The new XRouter Pro will still offer all of the firmware features, NAT and DHCP server and client support, built-in firewall support and a 10/100 switch. But the best feature might very well be its cost -- this new product will be priced to sell around $159! 

As with all XRouter from Xsense, the new XRouter Pro comes complete with free lifetime tech support. For more details, visit Xsense online at

Founded in 1997, Xsense Connectivity, Inc. is the Macintosh and PC networking hardware leader. Its products include hubs, switches, Internet sharing devices, network interface cards, USB peripherals and other products designed to make local area networks (LANs) faster, more efficient and more affordable for small-to-large businesses. Xsense products are available internationally through distributors, VARs, systems integrators and mail order. 

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