XRouter Aero, AeroCard and AeroPad allow Macs old and new 
to go wireless and share the Internet!

July 16, 2001.  Santa Clara, CA-  Macsense Connectivity, a leader in Macintosh networking devices announces a complete line of wireless solutions for Macintosh users. The XRouter Aero (WSR-5000) brings the convenience of wireless connectivity to the SOHO environment allowing users across mixed platforms to share wireless access to the Internet. The AeroCard (WPE-600) is a wireless PCMCIA card and the AeroPad (WUA-400) is a USB Wireless Adapter that provides older Macintosh desktops and PowerBooks wireless access as well!  

The world has long been ready for the convenience of a wireless world. The XRouter Aero by Macsense is a fifth-generation product -- Macsense was the first company to introduce Internet sharing routers to the Macintosh community. With the XRouter Aero, users with 802.11b-compliant PCMCIA cards (such as the Macsense AeroCard or Apple AirCard) installed in their PowerMacs or PowerBooks can now surf the web or check their email without wires or cables! A wireless network is not only convenient, but saves time and money by eliminating the need to install or maintain cabling and wiring.  As with the XRouter Pro, the new XRouter Aero allows users across mixed platforms to share wireless access to the Internet.  

The XRouter Aero allows up to 253 wired or wireless users to share access to the Internet using only one Cable or DSL modem and one ISP. In the office, wireless users can access the Internet from virtually anywhere. Workstations can be moved without the traditional concerns of wired connections. And home users can check their email while relaxing on the couch, or even out by the pool. Classrooms can be more easily configured as can almost any non-enterprise network. The XRouter Aero fits very well into hybrid networks, bridging the gap between traditional wired and newer wireless connections.

Installation and configuration can be done via the web and updated firmware is available for the lifetime of the product. Communications are secured via a NAT firewall and 40-bit WEP plus the XRouter Aero supports all standard protocols and includes features such as DHCP, PPPoE and Virtual Server. A 10/100 Mbps auto-sensing 4-port switch is integrated into the XRouter Aero to guarantee that the wired computers are communicating at the fastest speed possible.  

AeroCard and AeroPad are two new additions that complement the XRouter Aero and its wireless capability. For any PowerBook with a PCMCIA slot, the AeroCard plugs right in and provides a secure and strong wireless connection. For desktop Macs with an USB port, the AeroPad attaches directly to the USB port, thus dispensing the need to open up the Mac to install an internal PCI adapter. With AeroCard and AeroPad, now older PowerMacs without the built-in AirPort slot can easily go wireless!  

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