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Macsense releases Free Mac OS X 10.2 Upgrade for Macsense AeroCard

Los Angeles, California, September 27, 2002 – Macsense is pleased to announce that users of the AeroCard (P/N: WPE-600), an 802.11b wireless PCMCIA card can get the new 10.2 driver absolutely free. This driver has many benefits and is a “must upgrade” for all current AeroCard users.

Listed below are some of the benefits of this new 10.2 driver:

  • Supports Mac OS X 10.1.x and 10.2 (Jaguar).

  • Brand new aqua UI.

  • Auto select for the strongest network.

  • Supports closed networks with 64 and 128-bit WEP encryption.

  • Accepts both ASCII and Hexadecimal WEP keys.

  • Support for ad-hoc, computer-to-computer wireless connection without a
    base station.

  • Select surrounding base stations from a pull-down list.

  • Support AppleTalk printing and file sharing.

  • Display diagnostics information on the card

  • Display MAC addresses of associated base station and card

  • Optimized performance

In addition, there is a thirty-minute trial period for users of other wireless cards. See the complete list on the website at the following links:

This new version (2.0bxx) should replace the previous beta version (1.0b4) that had limited basic functions. Version 2.0bxx is a full-featured, stable, performance optimized driver.

Other Macsense products include the new AeroPad, an 802.11b USB adapter for older iMacs and PowerBooks, the XRouter Pro and XRouter Aero, Cable/DSL Internet sharing routers that allow Macintosh and PC computers to share Cable/DSL access. Both routers include full support for OS X. The XRouter Aero incorporates a built-in Access Point that allows multiple users across mixed platforms to share wireless access to the Internet.

Macsense products are known for their ease of installation and unparalleled technical support, which is free for the life of the product. There are no extended services agreements to sign or pay for. Macsense also updates its firmware frequently to reflect changes in ISP handshaking and feature enhancements. These upgrades are easily downloaded from the company’s website and ensure that customers with earlier models of Macsense products always have the most recent firmware and advanced features available to them.

Macsense Connectivity, a division of Xsense Connectivity, Inc., has been supplying the marketplace with value-priced Macintosh networking products since 1997. Macsense products are available through CDW, Mac Warehouse, Mac Connection, Mac Mall, Club Mac, Micro Center and many other value-added resellers and integrators.

Macsense is headquartered in So. San Francisco, California. For more information, contact the company at 800-642-8860 or

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