Macsense Debuts HomePod at Macworld Expo in San Francisco
Device beams music from hard drives to anywhere in the house

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 7, 2003 Macsense is pleased to announce HomePod, a digital home entertainment and home office device based on GLOO technology developed by GLOOLABS, Inc. HomePod allows users to take advantage of their existing wireless network to beam MP3 files stored on their Macs or PCs to devices located anywhere in the house. HomePod will be on display at the MacWorld Expo being held in San Francisco from Jan. 7-10, 2003.

Imagine being able to select from any computer in your home or office and choose the music you want to listen to on any speaker or headphone set. Simply select your music from the LCD screen on the HomePod and you are set. HomePod even works outside on the patio, in the garden or while organizing your garage. HomePod is scheduled to ship in late March with a suggested retail price of $199.

Until now, music lovers have been forced to huddle around their PCs or Macs because no standard format existed that enabled portable devices to seamlessly share media files. But now, with HomePod's 802.11b, or Wi-Fi, network interface to beam MP3 files to remote devices, consumers will end up the winners and finally emerge from behind their desks.

The HomePod enhances Apple's digital hub, picking up where iTunes and iPod leave off. Think of HomePod as an iPod for home distributed entertainment. The handheld device functions just like an iPod, with the ability to browse by artists, style and song name. The device checks how many computers are on the wireless network and pools all the song lists together. All software can run on Mac, PC or Linux machines.

It's not difficult to imagine other innovative, cost-saving uses for HomePod. Schools could provide a HomePod to students who could tune to a central server where streaming MP3 files can supplement classroom and textbook material. Imagine students in a history class listening to Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech as it was originally delivered, tuning in to listen to Neil Armstrong declare "One Small Step for Man," or simply replaying the previous day's lecture to reinforce a lesson. A fitness center could serve MP3 songs wirelessly, allowing clients to tune to any song or playlist. Museums and galleries can offer visitors a HomePod device that will provide detailed information on the pieces they are viewing. Maintenance of these files would not have to be transferred to individual tapes, but would be streamed from the existing data on a server. 


For more than three years, Macsense has been providing products for the 802.11b wireless market. While these products are cross-platform compatible, Macsense has always been dedicated to the Macintosh market. Macsense is the only manufacturer offering OS X Jaguar support for its wireless products, including the AeroPad, a wireless USB adapter.

Macsense Connectivity, a division of Xsense Connectivity, Inc., has been supplying the marketplace with value-priced Macintosh networking products since 1997. Macsense products are available through CDW, MacWarehouse, MacConnection, MacMall, Club Mac, Micro Center and many other value-added resellers and integrators. Macsense is based in South San Francisco, Calif. For more information, contact the company at (800) 642-8860 or visit Macsense at And be sure to stop by booth 646 at the MacWorld Expo for a demo of the new HomePod.


GLOOLABS, ( a Palo Alto Scientific company, develops open platform digital convergence technologies that enable developers to build innovative, next-generation consumer electronics devices for use in the home, office, and other locations. The company licenses its GLOO technology to independent developers, corporations, and any others interested in creating applications for digital convergence devices. With its focus on grassroots entrepreneurs, GLOOLABS enables the creation of smart, interconnected devices by giving developers the freedom to do what they do best: innovate.

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