As Fast Ethernet 100Mbps speed becomes the networking norm, your business may be forced to upgrade to new 100Mbps hardware.  This could potentially involve throwing out perfectly good 10Mbps equipment because of compatibility problems. But fortunately, Macsense makes a hub that will allow your company to integrate new Fast Ethernet equipment into its pre-existing 10Mbps network.

The 6-port FDH-606 hub allows you to connect pieces of hardware that have different operating speeds (10Mbps or 100Mbps), allowing Fast Ethernet devices to run at 100Mbps when they are operating in conjunction with other Fast Ethernet devices.  When Fast Ethernet devices communicate with 10Mbps Ethernet devices, the 606's switching port functions as a bridge linking the two buses at the 10Mbps speed.

The 606 contains internal repeaters to preserve the integrity of network signals, and this allows you to increase the physical distances between nodes.  And last but not least, the 606 is smart.  It stores node addresses and information about the corresponding segments, meaning faster data transfer rates for your network.  The FDH-606 will provide the flexibility you need while upgrading to Fast Ethernet.

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System interface

STP and UTP ports


6 x 100BASE-TX RJ-45
1 x Uplink RJ-45

Cable type

Category 5 UTP or STP, or Type 1 STP,
or equivalent 100Mbps twisted-pair cabling with straight-through wiring and RJ-45 plugs


Complies with IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T &
802.3u 100BASE-TX standards

LED indicators

Power, Collision, 100/10, Link/Activity, Partition

Input power

5V DC 2A max External Adapter

Emissions safety

FCC Class A, CE Class A


320g ( 0.71 lbs. )