ETHERNET PalmHub - 9E & 5E



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Now all the networking power you need fits in the palm of your hand.  The Macsense PalmHub series is the perfect match for linking the computers and peripherals in your small office or home office 10Mbps Ethernet networking environment.

Our 9E and 5E models, with 9 and 5-ports respectively, feature a world class chipset by AMD, as well as a built-in uplink port. The 9-port models also comes equipped with a BNC connector for uplinking to thinnet networks, allowing you to bridge various topologies.

And because each unit is so small, there's no need to rack-mount -- the units can sit on your desktop with their sleek design that occupies no more space than a paperback book.

  PalmHub 9E PalmHub 9E

9 x 10BASE-T RJ-45
1 x Uplink RJ-45 w/BNC

5 x 10BASE-T RJ-45
1 x Uplink RJ-45


Complies with IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T standards


AMD 79C984


STP and UTP RJ-45 port

Full Duplex


Stack/Rack Mountable


LED indicators

Power, Collision, Link/Traffic/Partition

Emissions safety

FCC Class B, CE Class B

Lifetime Warranty!!