AeroPad 802.11b Wireless USB Adapter for Mac/PC

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User Manual for Mac

User Manual for PC

Mac Driver, OS9

Mac Driver, OSX

PC Drivers, 98-XP

June 3, 2003. New 2.0 release for Mac OS X now available. Improvement on multiple base station environment, improved WEP implementation, overall reliability improvements. It is strongly recommended that all AeroPad users upgrade to this version. Click to download...


Up to 11 Mbps High-Speed Data Transfer Rate

Plug-and-Play Operation to any USB port

No Power Supply required.

Drivers support Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, and Mac OS 9 and OS X

Intuitive Setup Software Provides easy Configuration

Works with All Standard Internet Applications

Interoperable with IEEE 802.11b 2.4GHz-Compliant Equipment

Supports 64 and 128-Bit WEP encryptions for highest security.

The freedom of wireless is here with the new Macsense WUA-400 AeroPad. AeroPad is a plug and play 11Mbps USB network adapter that works directly with any USB-ready Mac or PC computer. Instantly, you can share data, printers, and even high-speed Internet access over your existing wireless network. As a powerful device, the AeroPad can send and receive data up to speeds of 11Mbps and being fully interoperable with Apple AirPort Base Station and other IEEE 802.11b 2.4GHz compliant equipment. Host powered and hot-swappable, all you need to do is plug it into the USB port and off you go into the world of wireless networking.

AeroPad spares the tedium of setting up cables or opening up the computer to insert a wireless networking card. Complete with drivers for Mac OS 9, OS X and Windows 98-XP, AeroPad offers the unique cross-platform compatibility.

AeroPad is designed for iMacs and previous Mac models that do not have AirPort Card capability built-in. Using AeroPad, these Macs can also enjoy the convenience of wireless networking.

Mac OS 9 and OS X native support. Both OS drivers are available now.

Cross-platform support.
AeroPad is compatible with desktop or portable Macs and PCs.

USB Support. Connects directly to any USB-equipped Mac. Now even desktop Macs that are not AirPort Card ready can enjoy the wonderful world of wireless networking. Best solution for iMacs.

AirPort support. AeroPad is
inter-operable with all Apple AirPort Base Stations (including Extreme).


The following are sample screens to the Mac drivers. Click to enlarge.
Mac OS 9

  The configuration panel lets the user enter the network name or select a network from the surrounding base stations list. The encryption panel allows a 64-bit or 128-bit hex key to be defined to ensure secured connection. The information panel shows essential status information about the current wireless connection.
Mac OS X
  The configuration panel lets user turn the AeroPad on or off, and allows for selecting a valid network from a pull-down menu. The create network panel allows user to set up a computer-to-computer network that does not require the presence of an base station.  

 Technical Specifications


Standards IEEE 802.11b
USB 1.0 & 1.1
Channel Available 11 channels for United States, Canada
13 channels for Europe
14 channels for Japan
Receiver Sensitivity Typical -84dBm for 11Mbps @ 8 % PER (Packet Error Rate)
Typical -90dBm for 2Mbps @ 8% PER (Packet Error Rate)
Range Coverage Indoor: 115  - 328 feet (35 - 100m) depends on environment
Outdoor: 328 - 984 feet (100 - 300m) depends on environment
Data Rate 11, 5.5, 2, 1Mbps Auto Fall-Back
LED Power & Activity
Certifications FCC Part 15.247 for US
ETS 300 328 for Europe
ARIB STD-T66 for Japan


250mA Tx
100mA Rx
30mA Standby
Unit Weight 4.8 oz. (14g)
Temperature 32 ~ 104F (0 ~ 40C) in Operation
-13 ~ 158F  (-25 ~ 70C) in Storage
Humidity Operation: 0 ~ 70% Non-condensing
Storage: 10 ~ 90% Non-condensing
Dimension 3-3/8 in x 2-3/8 in x 1/2 in (85mm x 61mm x 14mm)
Warranty One year