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AeroCard Universal

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Download OS9/X Eval Drivers as one package (1.7MB)

Or download separately:
OS9 driver v.2.0.2b2
OSX driver v.2.0
User Manual, PDF


Supports over 30 wireless PCMCIA cards.

Free evaluation before purchasing.

OS 9 and OS X (10.2.3) native support.

Simple to install and configure.

Works with all standard Internet applications.

AppleTalk printing and file sharing support

Interoperable with Apple AirPort Base Station.

Supports AirPort 64 and 128-Bit WEP encryptions for highest security.

The freedom of wireless connectivity is here with the advent of wireless 802.11b LAN cards. Wireless connectivity gives you the freedom to work wherever you want. Now Macsense gives you one more freedom, the freedom to use a PC wireless PCMCIA card on your Apple PowerBook. The AeroCard Universal Driver is a universal Mac driver that is compatible with over 30 most popular 802.11b wireless LAN cards on the PC market today. A complete list of supported Wireless 802.11b PCMCIA Cards is listed below.

Now, you can turn any PC-only wireless card into a Mac-compatible card. Enjoy the broad selection of wireless cards in the PC market today; share a card between Mac and PC; or turn your current PC wireless card into a Mac-compatible card as well.

Download the free evaluation version and test it for yourself. The evaluation version will function normally and will have full functions for a trial period of thirty minutes. After the trial period, you can reboot to renew the thirty minute trial period, or you can purchase a driver license to remove the time restriction.

Frequent Updates

AeroCard Universal is updated frequently to add in new functions and card support. Please make sure you have the latest versions.

Mac OS Mac OS 8-9 Mac OS X
Driver Version v.2.0.2b2 v.2.0
Updated 3/9/2003 3/4/2003
    Previous owner of v.1.0b4 should upgrade to the newest version.

Mac OS 9 and OS X native support. Both OS 9 and OS X (up to 10.2) drivers are available now.

AirPort support. AeroCard is interoperable with Apple AirPort Base Station, or other 802.11b Compliant access points. Support AirPort style keys.


The following are sample screens to the Mac drivers. Click to enlarge.
Mac OS 8-9

  The configuration panel lets the user enter the network name or select a network from the surrounding base stations list. The information panel shows essential status information about the current wireless connection.

The encryption panel allows a 64-bit or 128-bit hex key to be defined to ensure secured connection.

Mac OS X


The basic panel shows the present status of the wireless connection. The setup panel lets user select a valid network from a pull-down menu or automatically connect with the strongest base station. The encryption panel supports AirPort-style password or standard 64-bit or 128-bit hex key.

  To Purchase

There are two ways to purchase AeroCard Universal. It is available in a retail package or your can download and evaluate before you buy online.

1. Retail Package. AeroCard Universal Retail package is available from catalog resellers stores and retailers in your area. Included in the package are Installer CD with drivers and User Manual, printed Quick Start Guide, and a serial number Welcome sheet. Use the serial number to activate your driver. Save the serial number welcome sheet on a safe place. You will need to re-enter the serial if you move the card to another Mac.

2. Evaluate First, Buy Later. If you like to evaluate the driver first, you can do so by downloading the evaluation driver here, which allows you to use the driver for 30 minutes. When you're satisfied with the performance and compatibility of the driver with your card, you can then purchase a serial number online to activate the driver permanently. When the trial period expires, you will see a dialog that allows you to enter a serial number or purchase the driver. Click on the "Buy" button to start the online purchase process. Once connected to the Internet, it will direct you to our E-commerce provider, eSellerate, to purchase a serial number. The driver is $25. The purchase is 100% secure and all major credit cards are accepted. Once the purchase process is completed, you will be given a serial number that locks to your MAC address of the wireless card that you're using. Enter the serial number when asked by the Mac driver and immediately be validated; the time restriction will be removed.

For questions and support with the online license purchase, please write to or call Customer Service (650)552-9110. Lost your serial number that you purchased through eSellerate To retrieve your purchased serial number, go to AeroCard After-Purchase Services. All you need is the email address when you made the purchase.

Note: Each serial number is uniquely associated with one WLAN PCMCIA card. You can use the card on as many machines as you like, but you need a separate serial number for each card you want to use.

 Technical Specifications
Compatible PowerBooks

AeroCard is compatible with the following Apple PowerBook models:

  • PowerBook 2400
  • PowerBook 3400
  • PowerBook G3 series (FireWire, WallStreet, Bronze Keyboard)
  • PowerBook G4 Titanium

The supported PowerBook must support PC Card Manager 3.0. Support for other models may be available in the near future, please check this page for an updated list.

System Requirements

  • Compatible PowerBook
  • PCMCIA Type II Card Slot
  • Mac OS 8.x, 9.x, 10.1.x
  • Macsense AeroCard or other supported PCMCIA Card
  • Apple AirPort Base Station or any 802.11b-compliant Access Point


Supported PCMCIA Cards (34 cards, updated 12/22/02) The following WLAN cards are compatible with the AeroCard Universal Mac Driver. This list is expanding. If you have a card which is not shown on the list, or if you encounter trouble running the Mac driver with your card, please let us know.
  • Addtron AWP-100 IEEE 802.11 DS 11Mbps PCMCIA Card
  • Asante AL1011 Rev A and B AeroLAN Wireless Adapter PCMCIA
  • Avaya Wireless PC Card
  • Belkin Wireless Notebook Network Card
  • Buffalo Wireless PCMCIA Card (WLI-PCM-L11G)
  • Buffalo Wireless/Melco 11 Mbps Wireless LAN AIRCONNECT PC Card (WLI-PCM-L11)
  • Compaq WL100
  • Compaq WL110
  • Dell Truemobile 1150 mini-PCI Wireless PCMCIA NIC Card for Notebooks
  • D-Link 11 Mbps Wireless CF Card (DCF-650W)
  • D-Link 11 Mbps PC Card Wireless Adapter (DWL-650)
  • ELSA AirLancer MC-11
  • Enterasys/Cabletron 11 Mbps High Speed Radio Card
  • HP 11Mbps Wireless LAN PC Card hn220w
  • IBM High Rate Wireless LAN PC Card 128 (09N9904)
  • Intel PRO/Wireless 2011
  • Linksys WPC11 Instant Wireless Network PC Card (v2.5)
  • Lucent WaveLAN Gold (See Note 1)
  • Lucent WaveLAN Silver (See Note 1)
  • MMC Technology Wavecast (MW-1000PCM)
  • NEC Aterm WL11C (PC-WL/11C)
  • Netgear MA401
  • Nokia C110 Wireless LAN Card
  • Nokia C111 Wireless LAN Card
  • Proxim/Farallon Skyline 802.11b PC Card for Notebooks
  • Samsung MagicLAN SWL-2100N
  • Samsung MagicLAN SWL-2000N
  • Sony VAIO Wireless LAN Card (PCWA-C100)
  • Toshiba Wireless LAN PC Card
  • US Robotics 11 Mbps Wireless Access PC Card4
  • Yamaha Wireless LAN Card YML-11B5
  • Z-Com XI-300 IEEE 802.11(b) PCMCIA card
  • Z-Com XI-300B IEEE 802.11(b) PCMCIA card
  • Zoom ZoomAir PC Card with Internal Antenna Model 4100

These cards DO NOT YET WORK with our driver:

  • 3Com AirConnect 11MPS WLAN PCCard (3CRWE727A Rev.B)
  • Cisco Aironet 340 PC Card
  • Cisco Aironet 350 PC Card
  • D-Link 11Mbps PC Card Wireless Adapter (DWL-650-H)
  • D-Link AirPlus 22Mbps DWL-650+ Wireless Adapter
  • SMC EZ Connect Wireless 11Mbps Wireless PC

Card Notes

  1. Lucent card users will need to disable the "AirPort PC Card" extension under OS9 in order to use this driver.
  2. Network scanning works on cards with Intersil firmware (that is, most non-Lucent cards). The full network list shows only when ANY is selected as the network name (ESSID). Otherwise, you'll only see the network you're connected to.
  3. WEP doesn't work on cards with Intel/Symbol firmware.
  4. US Robotics card require firmware upgrade (available at company site) to support scanning. Require a PC to perform the update.