Playstation RF Wireless GamePad PS-100 / 101

  • 100% Sony Playstation compatible

  • 4 Channels Available 

  • 2 Analog Thumbsticks

  • 900Mhz RF technology 

  • Status LEDs on receiver for an at-a-glance diagnostics of reception

  • Ergonomic shape for better enhanced game play  

  • Does not require line of sight used with Infrared (IR) controllers

  • Can operate through most solid objects

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What's the difference between IR and RF ?

  • Infrared (IR) technology uses  line-of-sight to operate. That means that an IR device (transmitter) must be pointing directly towards another device (receiver) to function properly.  For example, most television remotes and home stereo remotes use IR and must be pointing toward the device that needs to be controlled in order to operate.  If the IR remote is not pointing directly towards the IR receiver, Infrared transmissions will not reach the receiver and the device will not function properly. This can happen during left to right or up and down movements. 

  • Macsense realizes that pointing a device steadily at your gaming console during game play is completely undesirable.  Therefore, Radio Frequency (RF) technology becomes the real world solution needed.   RF transmissions, similar to radio waves broadcasted by radio and T.V. stations, can operate at longer distances and pass through solid objects.  The AeroPlay uses RF technology to  perform wireless duties without the line-of-sight dependencies and works through most solid objects while still operating exceptionally well.  This allows the AeroPlay to  provide the best wireless gaming experience. 

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Packing List

1 Receiver, 1 Game Controller

1 Game Controller


8 buttons, 2 analog thumbsticks, and direction pad

Frequency Rate

902-928 MHz

Number of Channel

4 Channels (2 Channels per Group)

Power Source 3 AAA Batteries
Battery Life Expectancy 60-80 Hours
Operating Temperature 0C to 40C
Storage Temperature -10C to 60C