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Serial ATA & Ultra ATA 133 Combo PCI Card for Mac (SUA-100E) delivers the benefits of Serial ATA (SATA) and Ultra ATA (IDE) technology in a cost effective and single-chip adapter card. Supporting two SATA and one Ultra ATA/133 ports, this PCI Card enables you to connect the latest SATA and Ultra ATA drives to your computer. QuDi Portable Drive is one of the lightest 2.5" external storage drives available with an USB (QD125U) or a FireWire (QD125F) interface. Pop in a QuDi Caddy, and you can can store up to 48GB data. Backup and organize your MP3 music, digital video clips, digital photos, or mega dbase in a pocket-size Caddy that you can carry wherever you go. Part of the QuDi family, QuDi Caddy is a 2.5" removable storage disk that runs at hard-drive speed yet compact as a cigarette box. Available in capacities of 10GB (QD10), 20GB (QD20), 32GB (QD32), and 48GB (QD48), one QuDi Caddy is all you need to store all your data. Lightweight and pocket-size, a QuDi caddy allows you to carry your data with you in your shirt pocket.