Serial ATA & Ultra ATA 133 Combo PCI Card for Mac
2-Port Serial ATA plus 1-Port Ultra ATA/133 Card
Upgrade your hard drives to 150MB/s and over 120GB/drive

Model: SUA-100E
UPC: 696274004785
Available: 5/15/05
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Supports both Serial ATA and Ultra ATA emerging technologies

Compatible with most PCI Power Macintosh and Mac Clones

Boots from any attached hard drives

48-bit LBA support for hard drives larger than 137GB

Maximum data transfer rate of 1.5Gbps (150MB/s) on Serial ATA connection

Maximum data transfer rate of 133MB/s on Ultra ATA connection

Add up to 2 internal Serial ATA hard drives

Add up to 2 internal ATA/IDE hard drives

Co-exits with on board SCSI and IDE Devices

PCI and PCI-X bus compatible

Supports Mac OS 8.1.x through Mac OS X 10.4

Supports Apple Drive Setup Utility (V. 1.5 or later)

Macsense Serial ATA & Ultra ATA 133 Combo PCI adapter card (SUA-100E) delivers the benefits of Serial ATA (SATA) and Ultra ATA (IDE) technology in a cost effective and single-chip adapter card. Supporting two SATA and one Ultra ATA/133 ports, this PCI Card enables you to connect the latest SATA and Ultra ATA drives to your computer.

SATA Ports. Two SATA ports give you burst transfer rates up to 150 MB/second -- 50% faster than traditional ATA/100.

Now is the time to upgrade your Mac's drives to new speeds. With its higher data transfer rates and improved cabling performance, SATA is quickly replacing IDE as the new bus of choice.

This PCI Card is the best solution to upgrade your Macintosh to SATA. To install, simply plug your card into an empty PCI slot and follow the steps in the user-friendly installation guide. There is no drivers to install, and everything just works. Compatible with Mac OS from 8.5 to 10.4 (Tiger), every drive connects to the PCI Card can be bootable and can be the startup disk. Any disk utility program can operate (partition, verify, de-fragment, bootable) on these drives as if they were the stock drive of the computer.

When your drives are upgraded to SATA, everything flies before your eyes. You'll be amazed how your computer now boots up to your desktop much faster, and how you can transfer a large files at a fraction of time than it used to take.

SATA drives will dramatically improve the performance of your Mac, particularly if you frequently load large applications or files. Hard drive performance is especially important with demanding applications such as graphic design and video editing.

System boot up from OSX 10.4 25 sec 50 sec
Desktop copy a 692MB file 26 sec 57 sec
Testing environment:
* PowerMac G4/400Mhz/288MB
* Seagate 120GB SATA drive (P/N #ST3120026AS)
* Maxtor 40GB ATA/100 Drive

Ultra ATA/133 port. The Ultra ATA/133 port breaks the 120GB barrier and allows you to add two high-capacity ATA/IDE hard drives to your computer.

Macsense SATA/IDE Combo PCI Card brings your computer up-to-date. Open your computing world to the higher performance and larger capacity drives. Install this card into your PCI slot and make the switch to Serial ATA today.

What is SATA, and why is it important?

IDE is phasing out. The time to upgrade to SATA is now. More new drives and higher capacity drives are now released by major hard drives manufacturers in SATA only. SATA drives are expected to replace IDE drives in a few years.

Up to 50% faster transfer rate than traditional IDE. SATA is preferred over IDE because it has higher performance and better cable design. SATA drives transfer data at a blazing rate of 150MB/s, compare that with the best Ultra ATA drive running at 133MB/s, whereas most of IDE drives only transfer at fraction of that.

Improved cable design. SATA cable looks like a FireWire cable with difference in the end jacks. It is much thinner and compact than IDE ribbon counterpart, allowing for less clutter and better airflow.

SATA vs. IDE cables

Truly plug-and-Play. SATA drives are daisy chainable and there is no dip switch (as in IDE's master/slave modes) or IDs and termination (as in SCSI bus) to worry about. SATA increases the ease of use and flexibility of adding drives to your computer.

Break the 120GB barrier. With SATA, you're no longer bound by the hardware limitation of G3/G4 Macs that restricts hard drive capacity to only 120GB. With SATA card, you can connect to much larger drives like 250GB and up.

To read up on SATA, courtesy Maxtor,

Benefits at a Glance
Technology White Paper


 Technical Specifications
Model SUA-100E
Specifications 2-Port Serial ATA Connectors Supports Up To
two SATA hard drives
one Ultra ATA-133 interface supports two master/slave enhanced IDE Hard Drives
Fully Compliant with Serial ATA 1.0
Power consumption 3.3V operating voltage with 5V tolerance
Operating System Mac OS 8.x, 9.x & 10.x
Bootable from attached drives
Hardware 32-bit, 33/66 Mhz PCI
Comply with PCI Bus Revision 2.2
Serial ATA Drive mode supported
ATA/IDE hard drive supported
Supports hard drive includes ATA/33, ATA/66,
ATA/100 and ATA/133
Power Consumption 3.3V for PCI and IDE operation
2.5V for Oscillator and Serial ATA operation
Environment Specs Operating Temperature:
 32 ~ 131F (0 ~ 55C),
10% ~ 90% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Storage Temperature: -40 ~ 167F (-40 ~ 75C),
5% ~ 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Package Contents Serial ATA/Ultra ATA 133 Combo PCI Card
Quick Start Guide
SATA interface cable
IDE interface cable
Y-Type extension power cable
Package Weight 10oz
Package Dimensions: 9" x 6 3/8" x 1 5/8"
Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

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