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Transform your PC or Mac into a muscle car on nitrous.  With the Macsense FireWire PCI adapter you can link your FireWire compatible peripherals with a transfer rate of up to 400Mbps.  This is the latest and greatest Bus standard available and greatly enhances your ability to transfer data for devices such as DVD camcorders, DVD players and other FireWire peripherals.  Editing and viewing digital video has never before been so seamless and simple.

High-Resolution scanners and printers, as well as FireWire hard drives and ZIP drives can also benefit with dramatically increased transfer speeds.  Just insert the card into an available PCI slot and you're ready to fly.

  • Plug-and-Play
  • Expandable up to 63 devices
  • Supports Hot-Swapping
  • High-Speed performance
  • Supports Isochronous and Asynchronous data transfer Function Control Protocol (FCP)
  • Supports Connection Management Protocol (CMP)
System interface

Complies with PCI specification revision 2.0/2.1


Complies with IEEE 1394 standards 1394-1995
Complies with OHCI 1.0


Lucent Single-Chip solution

System requirements

MacOS 8.6 or later
QuickTime 4.0 Authoring or Pro.
FireWire 2.3.3 or higher(available as a free download from Apple),
Windows 98SE, Windows 2000

Hardware requirements

Any desktop computer with at least one available
7" or 12" PCI slot

Transfer rate

100Mbps; 200Mbps; 400Mbps


(3) 6-pin FireWire ports