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UH-14H is a bus-powered, 4-port USB hub that is designed for mobile users. the USB cable is built-in and can be pressed into the housing when not in use. UH-Mini4 is an economical, bus-powered, 4-port USB hub for general use. UH-Mini4i is a high-quality USB 2.0 4-port hub. USB cable is built-in and can be pressed into the housing when not in use. Designed specifically for connecting high-performance peripherals that requires USB 2.0 speed.

FireWire PCI Adapter (FW-100) enhances your Mac/PC with 3 additional 6-pin FireWire ports.

FireWire CardBus Card (FW-200) upgrades older PowerBooks and notebook PCs with a 6-pin/4-pin FireWire port.

USB 2.0 PCI Card (UP-400) adds 4 external and 1 internal USB ports to your PC. Take advantage of the transfer speeds of your USB 2.0 peripherals with this card.

Multi Card Reader (CR-101) now supporting even more flash memory formats. Transfer photos and data from flash to your computer easily with this card reader.

13-in-1 Card Reader (CR-100) is the companion for your Mac, supporting all the popular flash formats. Compact, free-standing, plug-and-play.

Bluetooth USB Adapter (BT-101)  is a small thumb-size adapter adds Bluetooth capability to your Mac. Now your computer can connect with other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as keyboard, mouse, mobile phone, PDAs, etc.
Bluetooth Mouse (BM-100) is a compact and ergonomically designed wireless mouse. Bluetooth technology allows you to use the mouse without the cable clutter. Ultra-compact Optical Mouse (UM-200) come in stylish white, a great companion to iBook users. Its optical mechanism provides 800dpi navigational precision, and has 2 buttons and a  central scroller. Retractable Optical Mouse (UM-200R) improves upon the UM-200 with the addition of a retractable cable. Avoid cable clutter when the mouse in not in use. A must companion for road warriors.

Slim Multimedia Keyboard (UKB-701) is slim and attractive and color match with white iMacs. Convenient multimedia keys allow you to access common applications easily.

Retractable USB Cable Kit (EL-200)
Lightweight and compact, the 9-piece Retractable USB 2.0 Cable Kit includes Ethernet, Phone cables and adapters to make all the popular USB connections.


Older Products

USB Keyboard 

USB Numeric Keypad

USB 1.1 PCI Card (UP-200) enhances your Mac/PC with additional USB ports. Discontinued

USB ichiMouse UM-100
USB unoMouse UM-120

USB PageWalker (UM-140)
2-button mouse with center scroller/button. Discontinued

Retractable FireWire Cable (EL-F6F6) let's you avoid cable clutter by retracting the cable when not in use. Stretch to 32" for use, and retracts to a mere 4" for storage.