USB ichiMouse UM-100 / USB unoMouse UM-120

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Do you prefer a standard mouse shape to the iMac's hockey puck? Then the ichiMouse and unoMouse are the rodents for you! Both designs offer a sleek, modern look, plug-and-play connectivity, and neither requires additional software. Setup is simple -- just plug either mouse's tail into an available USB port on your Mac or PC and you'll be pointing and clicking like a rat's nose. 

  • "Software-less", Plug-and-Play installation
  • Stylish design featuring iMac's yummy flavors
  • Ergonomic shape ensures extended, comfortable use
  • Fluid and precise cursor movements
  • Designed for maximum ease-of-use
  • Extra ball included (unoMouse only)

ichiMouse UM-100

unoMouse UM-120
System requirement

Mac OS 8.5.1 , 9.x, and Mac OS X

Switch type

Micro switch

Switch life

One million operating times


400 dpi

Cable length

5 feet