USB PageWalker UM-140




The PageWalker features a scrolling wheel that enables you to easily glide up and down long web pages or office documents without holding your cursor on the scroll bar.  The wheel does double duty as a third button because it's clickable.  You can even customize the wheel button click to produce such functions as double-clicking or firing up your Control Panel.  The PageWalker's design, features, and customizing ability make it as friendly as the Mac OS itself.

  • Scrolling Wheel: Save time and steps.  Roll the wheel instead of using the arrow and scroll bars.
  • Work in comfort: PageWalker is ergonomically designed to ease repetitive motion strain.
  • Programmable: Assign different functions to PageWalker's buttons.
  • Full Compliance with USB spec Rev 1.1 and HID Class Definition Rev 1.0
  • Plug-and-Play, no software drivers to load (for PC only)
  • Comes with control panel software (for Mac only)

PageWalker UM-140

Hardware requirement

PC or Power Macintosh with USB interface or USB adapter

System requirement

Mac OS 8.5.1 , 9.x, and Mac OS X
Windows 95/98 with PC PS/2 Mouse Port


(1) Left and (1) Right button 

Scrolling Wheel/button

 (1) Scrolling Wheel that doubles as a clickable button