QuDi Portable Drive
(Base and Caddy are detachable and sold separately)



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• Lightweight Portable Drive for mobility and security.

• Removable caddy fits in your pocket.

• Flexible Design -- Separate Base and Caddy. 

• Expandable -- caddy is available in 10GB, 20GB, 32GB, and 48GB capacities.

• Interchangeable base for USB 1.1 or FireWire (1394). 

• Supports both Mac and PC platforms.

• Plug and play and Hot Swappable.

• Share large files between Macs and PCs.

• Great for archiving, sharing and organizing data.

• Blazing fast 15MB/s transfer speed (FireWire Base).

• No need for external power supply. 


The Macsense QuDi Portable Drive is one of the lightest external storage drives available, and the most flexible as well. You must have at least one Base and one Caddy for QuDi to work.

Choose either a USB or FireWire base. Both models are cross- platform compatible between Macs and PCs and Plug and Play. They are also interchangeable so for example, if you use USB in your office and FireWire at home, the same Caddy will work in either base.

Next choose a Caddy in whatever capacity fits your need, 10GB, 20GB, 32GB or 48GB. Snap in the caddy and you have removable storage of up to 48GB. Leave one FireWire Base at the office, and bring a USB Base for the road, share a 10GB caddy between work and home, or move up to higher capacities. You can always add more Caddies as your need for portable or removable storage grows. The detachable Base-and-Caddy design allows you to mix and match between different connection interfaces and the caddy has several capacity choices to meet your needs without any redundant investment.

Mac users can protect and configure Caddies for better security. The unique design of the Macsense QuDi Portable Drive combined with these valuable software tools make QuDi the best and most versatile solution in portable data storage.

Part Number:
QuDi USB Base
QuDi FireWire Base
QuDi 10GB Caddy
QuDi 20GB Caddy
$99 SRP


Caddies are compatible with desktop or portable PCs and Macs. Cross-platform file transfers are quick and easy. For complete OS support, click here.

Mac OS 9 and OS X native support. Both OS 9 and OS X (up to 10.2) drivers are available now. Click here.

Portable. This small, lightweight external storage solution allows you to carry your data in your pocket so you can take your work anywhere.

Ultra Fast. Transfer data at 800KB/s (USB Base) or at the blazing speed of 15MB/s (FireWire).

The Removable Caddy offers 10GB, 20GB, 32GB, or 48GB of storage capacity. The capacity can be upgraded by simply changing to a higher capacity Caddy.

Power Off Protection. Protects your data by automatically shutting off the power whenever the Caddy is removed. No external power adapter is required.

Hot Swappable. Plug and play means QuDi can be easily swapped or upgraded to a higher capacity. Change caddies without restarting your computer.

USB 1.1 (One port)
Chip set: Cypress.
Data transfer rate: 800KB/Sec.
Interface transfer rate: 12Mbps.
Plug and Play.
Dimensions: 3 3/4 x 1 1/2 x 3 1/2 in
   (95 x 38 x 86mm).
Weight: 3.4oz (95g).
Power adapter: 12V/1.5A (included).
FireWire 1394A (Two ports)
Chip set: Oxford.
Data transfer rate: 15MB/Sec.
Interface transfer rate: 400Mbps.
Daisy-chain up to 63 devices.
Plug and Play.
Dimensions: 3 3/4 x 1 1/2 x 3 1/2 in
   (95 x 38 x 86mm).
Weight: 3.7oz (105g).
Power adapter: 12V/1.5A (optional).
Storage Capacities 10GB, 20GB, 32GB, 48GB

Rotational speed

4200 RPM

Average Latency

7.1 ms

Average seek time (typical)


Error rate (non-recoverable)

< 1 per 1.0E13 bits transferred




Ambient temperature

5 to 55 C

-40 to 65 C

Relative humidity (non-condensing)

8% to 90%

5% to 95%

Shock (half sine wave)

150 G/2 ms

800 G/1 ms

Random Vibration (RMS)

0.67 G (5-500 Hz)

3.01 G (2.5-500 Hz)

Swept sine Vibration (RMS)

1 G 0-peak (5-500 Hz)

5 G 0-peak (10-500 Hz)

Dimensions 3 1/4 x 3/4 x 3/4 in ( 83 x 17 x 119 mm)
Net weight 5.5oz