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My F-105 iFunPad, F-106 iFunStick is not working. What is going on?

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Modified on: 2000/09/18

Product Area: USB Game Controller
Model: F-105, F-106


Game controllers on the Mac can operate in one of three basic ways: Mouse Emulation, Keyboard Emulation, or Game Sprockets.

Mouse Emulation is not supported on this line of game controllers.

Keyboard Emulation is a rather cumbersome method for configuring a game controller to work with a particular game. To map the game controller to the game, you need to run the game, access its control configuration and either remember or write down the specific controls (spacebar = jump, etc.). Once this is done, you will need to exit the game and load the Macsense control panel and use it to map those controls to your game controller.

Most newer games support Apple's Game Sprockets. Game Sprockets allows you, with more of a graphical interface, to configure the controller from within the game.

The CD that accompanies your game controller has two installer programs: Macsense GameDevices Installer, which installs the Keyboard Emulation driver, and GameSprocket Only Installer, which installs the Game Sprockets driver. With these game controllers, you can only use one of these drivers at a time. If the Keyboard Emulation driver is installed, you cannot then play a game that uses Game Sprockets, as it will not work properly. You must first run the Remover Application on the CD to remove the Keyboard Emulation driver before installing the Game Sprockets only driver.

You can verify that the Remover Application removed the old driver by making sure you do not have the following files:

In the Control Panel - Macsense GameDevices
In the Preferences Folder - Macsense GameDevices Prefs
In the StartUp Folder - Start GameDevices
In the Extensions Folder - USB Macsense GameDevices
In the Extensions Folder - InputSprocket Macsense

If the Remover program does not completely remove all components, simply drag them out of their respective folders and place them in the trash.

If you intend to play a game that supports Game Sprockets, we recommend updating your Mac to Apple's latest Game Sprockets version. As of 9-13-2000, the current version is 1.7.5, and is available from Apple's web site:

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