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How do I setup my MIH-108 to operate only as a hub with my XRouter?

Reference ID: MIH00B0009
Modified on: 2001/08/10

Product Area: Internet Sharing Device
Model: MIH-108 PalmRouter Elite


For those customers who have upgraded to DSL or Cablemodem  from a dial-up connection, you can use your MIH-108 as a hub with your new XRouter. Connect a CAT-5 straight-through cable to the uplink port on the router, which is port #4 on the XRouter  and flip the switch to crossover ďXĒ mode. Then connect the other end to a standard port on the PalmRouter Elite. If needed, you can reverse this by using the uplink port on the PalmRouter and connecting to just a standard port on the XRouter. Simply put,  you always go uplink to standard when connecting switches and hubs together and never uplink to uplink.  Also, check the LED lights to verify that the connection is solid. If they arenít lit, flip the switch on the uplink port which basically changes that  physical port between a standard and uplink port. Itís possible that it wasnít in crossover mode. If all else fails, try a different cable.

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