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How do reset the PalmRouter back to factory defaults?  

Reference ID: PR100
Modified on: 2001/08/10

Product Area: Internet Sharing Device
Model: PR-100 Palm Router


There are two ways in which you rest the PalmRouter: software reset or hardware reset.
1.The software reset is located on the Device Admin. page. Click on Reset to Factory Defaults and click Apply.
2. The hardware reset is a little more  involved.

a.  Remove all cables from the PalmRouter, including the power supply.
b.  Depress the uplink switch so it is in the down position.
c.  Use a regular ethernet cable to connect port 1 with port 4.
d.  Re-insert the power supply and wait for 5 seconds or until the Self Test light goes off.
e.  Now the PalmRouter is set back to factory defaults.

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