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Macsense RMA Procedures

 In the case of a possible defective router, all RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Procedures will be handled by our Technical Support Department. As our Tech. Support Dept. has experience in troubleshooting our products, they will go through the steps in determining that the product is indeed defective and only then will a RMA be issued. If the product is still within the 30-day return policy time that many resellers offer then we suggest exchanging the product through them.

 Company RMA Policies

We cover shipping of the replacement product to the customer through UPS Ground. It is the responsibility of the customer to ship the product back to us. We suggest using a traceable shipping service in cases of unforeseen delays or loss.  Any faster shipping service other than UPS Ground must be covered by the customer.  Xsense pays for UPS Ground only.  All customers located outside of the United States of America and Canada shall be held responsible for shipping and handling charges.  Please call Xsense for more details.

The customer has two options for exchanges:


The fastest way to receive the replacement is to cross-ship the product by putting a valid credit card (VISA or Mastercard) on file and we will ship either that day or the next business day. The customer is expected to ship the product as soon as possible. 

If we have not received the product by fifteen days we will send out a notice. If the product is not received after that we will charge the amount to the credit card. 

Ship upon Receipt

If the customer does not wish to give us a valid credit card number then we will give the proper shipping address and will not ship a replacement until receipt of the product. Depending upon shipping times and location, this option can take 1 - 2 weeks. 

Canadian/International customers

It is strongly suggested that you follow RMA Procedures with your International Representative or reseller. If they have to send it back to us directly for repair, please note that we pay only for ground shipping and insurance charges going to them, but not customs duties or brokerage fees entering their country. Be aware that these charges may add up to as high as their purchase price. If air shipping is needed for the return trip to them, the customer must pay for that as well. 

NOTE: A product will not be exchanged unless a RMA has been issued by a Macsense representative after deeming the product defective. Please include the following with your RMA:

Full Name
Shipping Address
Phone No. (Work/Home)
Product Model
Details of Incident

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