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I’m experiencing hangs in my connection or corrupt email and downloads. What can I do to remedy this?

Reference ID: WSR5000002
Modified on: 07/10/2001
Product Area:
Internet Sharing Device
Model: WSR-5000 XRouter Aero


First, always be sure to verify the following:

1. This misbehavior does not exist when my computer is connected directly to the modem. It only       occurs when connected through the XRouter.

2. You have the latest firmware update.

3. You've tried only one computer through the XRouter with no other devices connected.

4. You’ve tried a second computer with a new cable and it still occurs.

5. You have reset and reconfigured the XRouter with no success.

 If nothing else is successful, try the following:

You NIC card may be an acting participant in this behavior. Force your NIC card to a different speed or transfer mode. Try 100Mbps half-duplex and if that doesn’t work try 10Mbps full-duplex. As a last resort, try 10Mbps half-duplex. Also, as a temporary solution, turn off the “Auto Negotiate” function of your NIC. These changes can be made in the Advance tab of your NIC card control panel.

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