XRouter Aero

MODEL:   WSR-5000

Reference ID Question
WSR50000013 Iím having trouble with the installation process, what are my options at this point?
WSR50000012 What is a DNS Server and why do I need DNS numbers?
WSR50000010 What VPN support does the XROUTER AERO unit offer?
WSR5000009 What is the purpose of Network Address Translation?
WSR5000008 I have a PPPoE account but my special software wonít allow for an Internet connection. Why?
WSR5000007 My PC computer doesnít have TCP/IP installed for my NIC card. What should I do?
WSR5000006 How can I get my computer to obtain a proper IP Address from the Xrouter?
WSR5000005 Can't connect the XRouter Aero to the Internet. What should I do?
WSR5000004 Can't connect to XRouter Aero via web browser. What should I do?
WSR5000003 The Link LED is off. What should I check?
WSR5000002 Iím experiencing hangs in my connection or corrupt email and downloads. What can I do to remedy this?
WSR5000001 What is the difference between Infrastructure and Ad-hoc mode?

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