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I have read the User's Manual and seem to be doing everything right, yet I am not able to access the Internet. How do I connect my MIH130 XRouter Pro to @Home's cable service?

Reference ID: MIH00D0002
Modified on: 2000/08/09

Product Area: Internet Sharing Device
Model: MIH-130 XRouter Pro


Cable providers that assign dynamic IP addresses want to identify connected computers in some fashion, to prevent extra computers from being connected to their networks and depleting their pool of available IP addresses. The @Home service does this by providing the end-user with a specific identification code in the format of "cx123456-A". This code can be known by different names depending upon the hardware used by the customer. On the Mac, it is called the "DHCP Client ID" whereas on the PC it is the "Host Name". Sometimes the cable company will also call it the "DNS Name".

This identifier needs to be entered into the MIH130's configuration page in the Host Name field. Once this has been done and the settings applied, a specific power-up sequence will be needed to establish the first connection. Turn off power to your computer, the XRouter Pro, and the cablemodem. Power them back up in the order of cablemodem first (let it negotiate a connection with @Home), then XRouter Pro, then computer. Once your computer has finished booting up, you should be online.

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