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How do I use PPTP with the MIH130 XRouter Pro?

Reference ID: MIH00D0006
Modified on: 2000/08/09

Product Area: Internet Sharing Device
Model: MIH-130 XRouter Pro


PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) is the protocol used by Microsoft in both Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 Server to establish VPN (Virtual Private Networking) sessions between remote clients and a central server.

There are two ways you can use PPTP with the MIH130:

  1. A client on the LAN connects to an NT or W2K server somewhere on the WAN.
  2. Clients on the WAN connect to an NT or W2K server on the LAN.

If you are trying to configure situation #1, there is nothing you need to do because the XRouter Pro shipped with PPTP support.  Simply use Dial-Up-Networking to establish a connection using the Microsoft VPN Adapter instead of your regular modem to establish a connection to the IP address of the VPN server. The connection will be established as if the router wasn't even there.  This kind of support is called "pass-through", and involves no configuration on the part of the XRouter Pro.

If you are trying to configure situation #2, please make sure you have firmware version 1.17d installed on your MIH130.  Prior versions of the firmware DO NOT WORK properly.  Assign your NT or W2K server a static IP address within your LAN (such as and use the DMZ Host feature of the router to open all ports to the server. Alternatively, you could use the Virtual Server to open port 1723 to the Nt or W2K server, but some services that use other TCP/UDP ports may not be available.

Note: Please consult with Microsoft documentation (or your IT administrator) on how to set up NT or W2K for PPTP based VPN.

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