Internet Sharing Hub

MODEL:   MIH-105

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Reference ID Question
MIH00A0001 I can not get the PalmRouter to dial on my modem.
MIH00A0002 My PalmRouter and my modem can dial to ISP and be connected, but my browser is not receiving any signal.
MIH00A0003 My PalmRouter and Modem can dial up, but can not be connected with the ISP.
MIH00A0004 Where can I get the latest version of PalmRouter Driver?
MIH00A0005 I have only an external Macintosh modem, and the cable can not be connected to the PalmRouter. And my PalmRouter did not include an adapter.
MIH00A0006 Can I use AOL with the PalmRouter Elite or PalmRouter?
MIH00A0007 What should I do next if I already have a PPP  connection and already configured TCP/IP on my computer for AOL?

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